Naar wat ben je naar op zoek?

Our alumni speaking, Vera Van den Borre tells us

When I am contacted in mediation, it always touches me how important people find it to be able to bring a certain period in their lives to a beautiful close. The willingness of people to go for a positive and constructive discussion surprises me every time.

Those around me sometimes ask me if this mediation assignment does not weigh heavily on me emotionally, as a person. I then always answer them that I get a lot of satisfaction and positivity from people’s willpower.

Together we try to put the puzzle pieces back together.

The practice of mediation

Practice logo Vera Van Den Borre

During my training in “Law” at Ghent University, my preference has always been for the family law. I never had the ambition to go into the legal profession and studied an extra year of “notarization.

Also in this training, family deeds enjoyed my preference. I have now been working in the notary’s office for more than 25 years, where I mainly handle divorces, parenting arrangements,…. .

In 2020, I perfected these years of experience by training as a family mediator.

Meanwhile, I have been working as a family mediator for 1 year, on a self-employed basis.

In that year, I was able to experience that people put their trust in me, on a legal level, but also and especially on a human level.
For me it is important to feel that my job is more than a job, but that together with those people I have made a difference.

Here you will find my details of the practice!

Alumnus of Walsha (formerly People Interaction).

At Walsha, I learned to look at myself and get to know myself better. Self-reflection is very important to me and necessary in dealing with others.

The training provided me with the tools I was lacking to move into mediation practice.

Handsome of you Vera to help promote mediation in Flanders. We are proud of you!

Walter and Natasha