Naar wat ben je naar op zoek?

Retreats and relationship weekends to re-energize your relationship in a beautiful setting. Going on retreat literally means withdrawing from everyday life. This withdrawal you do both mentally and physically. For you as a couple, the interaction between you and your partner is experienced as more intense which stimulates your connection.

Are you looking to deepen your relationship? Would you like to bring more vibrancy to your intimacy? Or do you have something to process together?

Experiences are shared with a limited number of couples on the theme of your chosen retreat. So you can be inspired by others under the expert guidance of Natasha and Walter.

Our retreats and relationship weekends have one theme around which the stay is built.
It consists of individual conversations, inspiring group discussions and purposeful activities for you as a couple to re-energize yourself, your partner and your relationship.

Are you also interested in discovering insight into your relationship quality? Discover the WALSHA evaluation of your relationship here!

WALSHA organizes couple retreats at home and abroad. With our retreats, we take you away from the daily grind.

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