Naar wat ben je naar op zoek?

Are you an entrepreneur, manager, psychologist, engineer, lawyer, jurist, notary curious about psychology and group dynamics insights in social mediation?
Are you curious about group dynamics that are important to the success of mediation?
Do you want to better understand behavior and the role of emotions in heavily conflicted situations?

Walter and Natasha, along with the teaching team share their extensive experience as licensed mediators, court experts, psychotherapists and entrepreneurs with you in our integrated pathway to becoming a licensed mediator.

Starting in academic year 2023-2024, we will offer integrated modules.
In our integrated trajectory, both the introduction module and the chosen specialism are integrated into one track.
This integrated track consists of a total of 14 days (of which 3 online) spread over six months. After passing your exams succesfully, you can apply for your accreditation as a licensed mediator.

This conforms to the Federal Mediation Commission’s criteria.

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Walter Engelen and Natasha De Vinster