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In love, newly living together, just married, brand new parents or growing apart? Whatever stage of the relationship you are in, WALSHA helps you fundamentally improve the quality of your relationship through relationship coaching.

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What is a relationship anyway?

A relationship is a meaningful understanding between people. Most people think of a relationship as the understanding between life partners, but you also have a relationship with your children, parents, family and friends. At WALSHA, we primarily counsel love couples and families through relationship coaching.

Relationships are essential for human survival. Not only to procreate, but also out of the need for security and safety, we enter into relationships. People need socializing and therefore look for others with whom they feel comfortable.

The classic image of cottage-garden-tree is by no means the only form of a relationship. Some couples do not live together(LAT relationship), have an open relationship (sexual contact with others is allowed) or a platonic relationship (a relationship without sexual contact). Anyone can come to WALSHA for relationship coaching, no matter what type of relationship you ‘re in.

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The Relationship Life: From First Love to New Blended Family

WALSHA, looks at a relationship from a life course point of viw. Just as life, a relationship consists of different phases, a beginning and an end. WALSHA offers relationship coaching for couples and families at every stage of the relationship.

Every relationship begins at the dating stage where you meet with one or more potential partners and get to know each other superficially. In this phase, you discover whether there is a click and whether you want to enter into a relationship with that person or persons. WALSHA helps you discover at this stage what you want in a relationship, where your pitfalls lie and how to communicate openly and honestly with potential partners.

Sign up for a thorough evaluation at WALSHA. We compare your profile with those of potential partners. When a possible match arises we will bring you together for a first date.

When you enter into a relationship, you and your partner(s) get to know each other on a deeper level. At this stage, everything feels right and the relationship has a positive impact on your life. Although you also get to know each other’s less attractive sides and minor irritations may arise, they usually resolve themselves. Through relationship coaching, WALSHA guides you through this phase of the relationship to a deeper connection with great respect and mutual understanding for each other.

Sign up for a thorough evaluation at WALSHA. We will discuss with you the strengths of your relationship as well as the pitfalls. With these pitfalls, we give you the tools to deal with them skillfully.

The step to living together is a very big one. It is an important event that impacts your lives and is terrifying for many couples. WALSHA offers relationship coaching to overcome your fears and doubts and helps you make clear agreements. You can share your concerns and expectations with each other in a safe environment so that living together goes smoothly from the beginning.

Many arguments among couples are about work and careers. When one partner works more or harder than the other, the other may feel neglected. To avoid that, it is important to understand each other and how important work or career is to both of you. Relationship coaching allows you to discuss the issue in a safe environment and seek advice from an expert who will help you find a good balance.

The choice to start having children is not one you make lightly. Your relationship will look completely different once you have children. The discussion of whether or not to start a family can weigh heavily on couples and even cause arguments. A relationship coach, such as WALSHA, can offer new perspectives and help you come to a decision together.

When you get married as a couple, you face many decisions. Have you thought about a prenup? WALSHA will help you draft a contract that establishes and divides your financial and material assets.

When you have been in a relationship with your partner(s) for a long time, the rut can set in. Relationship coaching can then help you boost your relationship. Through sustainable techniques such as interactive (role-playing) games, you breathe life back into your relationship.

When one of the partners cheats, a major breach of trust occurs. Consequently, many relationships end after adultery, but not necessarily. If you and your partner(s) like each other and want to move forward together, relationship coaching or therapy offers a solution. Slowly you rebuild trust and learn to deal with the deception.

Do you see the relationship as no longer working and decide to break up? Even then, relationship coaching can still be useful to avoid a fighting divorce. By engaging a relationship coach, you can end the relationship with mutual respect. Especially if there are children, a good relationship between ex-partners is important. Not only the separation of partners, but also the loss of a partner through death is a serious blow. WALSHA also supports people who have lost their partners with psychological help.

After a relationship breakup, it is best to take some time for yourself to process the breakup. You rediscover yourself and perhaps find new interests. In this phase, you learn what went wrong in your previous relationship and how to avoid it in the future. Do you have trouble being alone? WALSHA can help you process the relationship breakup and be happy again.

When you have processed everything and are ready for a new relationship, the whole cycle begins again. Once again, you get to know a potential partner who may also be going through a breakup. Who knows, you each have children from your previous relationship, which can be an additional challenge. Through relationship coaching, WALSHA can guide you in starting a new blended family.

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Measure quality of your relationship?

“Do I have a good relationship?” is a question many people ask themselves. At WALSHA, you can test the quality of your relationship.

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Methods of relationship coaching

WALSHA helps you boost your relationship and get along understandingly in a variety of ways. In family situations, we always put the children first and solve problems in the best interest of the child. For relationship problems, we move into relationship therapy or relationship weekends that fundamentally strengthen your bond (again).

Our way of working

Within 48 hours of your request, you will receive a proposal for an intake interview.

During an initial conversation, we get to know each other and you will feel if there is a click with us.

This is a conversation of about 2 hours and is supervised by both Natasha and Walter.
We evaluate key aspects of the relationship such as:

  • Your relationship life cycle
  • Where are you both experiencing a problem?
  • Connection
  • Involvement
  • Sexuality
  • Transparency
  • Family and family
  • Personal ambitions

We draw up a plan for relationship coaching and determine the content and approach to the themes based on your expectations and goals.

The format is modular which means we will invite you by topic.

Walsha offers you a customized and transparent quote.

Together we coordinate the planning of the modules.

We guide you through the preconceived themes. We do this by actively engaging with you.

In the process, you will learn to interact with each other in new ways, to understand and, above all, to arrive at your own sustainable solutions.

Are you satisfied with the result and did you get out what you wanted to achieve? Then we complete the relationship coaching.

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WALSHA’s unique approach

  • professional guidance tailored to your needs
  • intensive modular approach
  • personal growth in various areas
  • noticeable improvement and guaranteed results
  • detailed diagnosis
  • independent center