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Conflict competence indicates the extent to which you will deal constructively with conflict.

In every encounter between people, there are potential conflicts. A conflict is not the same as a disagreement.
In a disagreement, you don’t need the other to reach a solution.
In a conflict, you need precisely the other to reach a solution.
It is this interdependence that characterizes conflict.

Walsha Conflict 450

As a couple, you will go through numerous conflicts.
This also makes it a source of inspiration because in the conflict you discover how your partner thinks, feels, uses values and norms and which wishes often remain unspoken without conflict.

So conflict in itself is not a problem and even desirable because it indicates that a couple is interacting with each other.

The way the couple resolves conflicts, the degree of conflict readiness makes the difference between a good or not so good relationship. The important thing is to understand each other’s interests and work from there toward jointly supported solutions.