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A gifted person is a quick and smart thinker who can handle complex matters. He/she is autonomous, driven and curious by nature. You recognize him/her as a sensitive and emotional person, intensely alive. He/she takes pleasure in creating.

On this page, we limit ourselves to embracing intellectual giftedness.

Two key dimensions are included in counseling.
It concerns the
as well as the
Behavior is a resultant of those.

First, it is important to identify and address the positive effects of your giftedness. When applied correctly, these positive effects can help you as an adult in certain areas.

Furthermore, counseling is aimed at developing appropriate coping behaviors. This is based on exactly what you are up against. To do this, we identify your frustrations and difficulties that you are facing.

We do this systematically in the different areas of life such as in your individual journey, your professional journey, your relationship and your family.
Since you are gifted, we do this by questioning you and we as counselors formulate our reflections and psychological insights in the process. Thus, you will iteratively define and …apply your own new approach to thinking and feeling. You yourself formulate the new ways of thinking, interpretations and associated emotions and then as a result the new behavior you wish to apply to achieve the desired result.

Together we discuss the results of your new behavior and make adjustments as needed.

In addition to psychoeducation, interactive techniques are extremely effective. These allow experience and meaning to take place in the integration of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral. This total experience brings the right meaning.

For counseling children and adolescents, it is a strict condition for Walsha that both parents (and plus parents where necessary) are willing to actively participate in the counseling process.

For children and youth, it is important to involve parents and family in counseling.

Children often experience frustrations as they experience their environment differently and because of this they will react differently than their non-gifted peers.

The challenges the children need to experience satisfaction must be adapted so that they experience sufficient challenge while strengthening their self-confidence.

We identify the situations that cause tension in the family. Thus, we bring family dynamics into focus and discuss each other’s part in it. With regard to insights into negative family dynamics, understanding personal frustrations, division of attention and so on, new interactions are discussed and implemented. We pay attention to the place each family member deserves and ensure that the other family members develop sufficient self-confidence. Children’s appreciation must be maintained equally. If not, the normally gifted child will be able to develop low self-esteem.
This will allow family members to each develop in their own unique way into confident adults.

How does giftedness affect your relationship? Should you just accept it or should you also do something with it? What to do and what better not to do? Know that your partner, too, is probably left with many unanswered questions.
Psychoeducation is appropriate here, together or separately. Then we will work with you to create the desired change in the way giftedness gains visibility in your daily lives.

Where appropriate, we work with group sessions, which include exchanges of experience, recognition and new ideas.

Medication is not applicable to giftedness.

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