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Are things not going smoothly in your relationship? This is normal; relationship problems occur in most relationships from time to time. To strengthen your relationship again, it is important to solve those relationship problems. Sometimes it works itself out, but just as often it doesn’t work out together. Then relationship counseling may offer a solution. As a third party, WALSHA offers new insights into your relationship and teaches you to communicate better with your partner(s).

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What is couples counseling?

In couples therapy, we work with you and your partner(s) to identify the problems in your relationship. We help you communicate calmly and openly again and, above all, listen to each other. In this way, you will discover new insights into the relationship that can strengthen your bond and increase trust.

Therapy usually consists of several sessions together with your partner(s), but individual sessions are also possible at WALSHA.

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The benefits of couples counseling

Many couples have a negative attitude toward couples counseling. They assume they can solve their relationship problems themselves and don’t need help, but couples therapy can have enormous benefits for your relationship even when everything seems to be going well. During counseling, you will get to know each other even better. You can talk to each other in an open and unbiased way and discover each other’s deepest desires or irritations. This creates a deeper connection and results in fewer arguments and more understanding of each other. This is how you build a lasting relationship together with a solid foundation.

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Relationship counseling for various relationship problems

There are different types of relationship problems for which counseling is helpful:

  • imbalance, distance in the relationship
  • misunderstanding, communication problems
  • repeating argument
  • different view of the future, e.g. I don’t want children and my partner does
  • rut in your relationship
  • infidelity and deceit
  • irritations, e.g. I can no longer tolerate my husband/wife

Do you recognize yourself in any of these situations or do you have another relationship problem? Then get guidance from a couples counselor.

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Relationship counseling at every stage of the relationship

Many couples reach for couples counseling as a last shackle to save their relationship. At WALSHA, we see couples counseling as a way to strengthen your relationship. It can help you at any stage of the relationship or any major change, not just when the relationship is already close to dying out. It is just better to work on a sustainable relationship preventively and address relationship problems early, rather than waiting until it is (almost) too late. On the other hand, couples counseling can help couples who decide to break up. Counseling then helps them communicate better so that the divorce goes smoothly.

Are you at an important point that has or will have a major impact on your relationship? A couples counselor helps you find answers to your questions and look for solutions together.

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Who are you and who is your partner? What do you expect from each other? What do you consider important in a relationship? How will you build a future together?

How does co-existence take place? Are household chores divided equally? Are you and your partner comfortable with that division? What if you are tired of each other?

How important is a career in your life? Is the work/relationship balance right? What if you or your partner work too much? Is there still enough time for each other?

Do you want children? What if only one of you wants children? How do you raise your child(ren)?

Do you want to get married? With a marriage agreement or not? Only for law or also for faith?

How do you breathe life back into your relationship? How do you escape from the rut?

Your partner cheated on you or you cheated on your partner, how do you move forward? Is there a future for you or are your paths parting? How do you trust someone again?

How do we treat each other respectfully after divorce? What about the children?

Who is my new partner and who am I? How do I deal with my new partner’s children?

Choose couples therapy at WALSHA and leave arguments and relationship problems behind you

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Rediscover your partner during a relationship weekend

Classical couples counseling is a great way to revive your relationship and find the connection again, but at WALSHA you can go a step further. Totally unwind in a vacation setting and recharge with other couples? During a relaxing weekend, you rediscover your partner and get to know each other in a different way. Your relationship takes on a new dimension that you can build on.

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Our way of working

Would you like to enlist our help to strengthen your relationship? Here’s what to expect:

Within 48 hours after you contact us, you will hear back from us. We will schedule an introductory meeting with you and your partner(s).

During an initial meeting, we listen to your story. Why are you taking the step to couples counseling? We will discuss your expectations and any concerns. At the same time, this is an opportunity for you to discover if you feel comfortable with us.

After the intake interview, we draw up a counseling plan. In it we determine the content of relationship therapy, the methods, the number of sessions, … Everything is done in consultation with you so that you can feel 100% comfortable in relationship counseling.

Counseling consists of a number of sessions in which we work on your relationship. During regular evaluation moments, there is room for any adjustments to the counseling plan.

When you feel that your relationship has fundamentally improved and you have achieved your goals, we complete relationship counseling. Would you like additional coaching as a couple, on retreat or individual coaching? At WALSHA, you can always turn to.

Relationship Counseling by WALSHA

  • relationship counseling on your behalf
  • short waiting times
  • qualified counselors
  • independent center
  • integrative therapy at your pace
  • development in the relationship and in the individual