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In our integrated trajectory, both the introduction module and the chosen specialism are integrated into one track.
This integrated track consists of a total of 14 days (of which 3 online) spread over six months. After passing your exams succesfully, you can apply for your accreditation as a licensed mediator.

This conforms to the Federal Mediation Commission’s criteria.

This integration has several advantages such as:

  • You have a direct focus on the specifics of your specialization
  • You have 2 instead of 3 exam moments
  • Your effectiveness as a mediator is enhanced
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De effectiviteit van een bemiddelaar wordt bepaalt door:

  1. Kennis (bemiddeling, juridisch, sociologisch, psychologisch en communicatief)
  2. Zelfkennis en zelfreflectie
  3. Het zich intensief eigen maken van de vereiste bemiddelingsvaardigheden

Our vision states first and foremost that this is only possible in training by:

  1. For participants who want more than a diploma
  2. Intense guidance throughout the training program

During this training you will be taught in a highly interactive way included in the various knowledge domains. The structure is such that we build building block after building block the knowledge domain, such that you make it your own in an interactive way. You will learn to thoroughly interpret the knowledge domains in your own environment and apply them in mediation.

Self-knowledge and self-reflection is an essential component of the quality mediator. It is the only way to make the best use of yourself and your acquired skills in the mediations you will supervise.
The required mediation skills can only be acquired through intensive practice through role-playing. You will experience the mediation conversation as an observer, party and, of course, as a mediator. This highly individualized track ensures that you master mediation skills by systematically advancing in steps through self-reflection, self-direction, feedback from your fellow students and the intensive guidance of the teachers.

This course is a very structured and coherent whole where you learn to combine and apply all the elements through integration.
This is a unique and first step to becoming a quality mediator.

Start of classes 9:00 – End of classes maximum 18:00

You have the option of taking the same class day in another location. You can use this according to personal preferences.

This training consists of on-site supervision and requires intensive effort and participation from participants.
Our years of experience indicate that mediation training is only effective and quality if these conditions are met.

To ensure this quality, we allow a maximum of 12 participants in the Basic Theory.
In the Introduction Practice module, you will be supervised in small groups.

Before you are admitted, we will invite you to an interview where your motivation will be thoroughly discussed (no preparation required).
We provide you with the necessary information regarding the training program and the practice of the profession of “licensed mediator.

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