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Are you caught up in a complex family situation such as divorce, quarrel or repudiation? Certified mediator WALSHA helps you communicate with each other in a positive and respectful way to work out the conflict together. Avoid lawyers and judges and choose mediation to resolve your family issues.

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What is mediation?

Mediation is an ideal alternative to litigation. Family mediation aims to reach a decision as partners or family members without involving lawyers and judges. During family case mediation, all parties sit around the table and have a conversation where everyone states their interests. The mediator leads the conversation while maintaining calm.

Whereas in litigation there is often little room for emotion, in family case mediation great importance is attached to it. All parties can express their feelings in a safe environment where everyone is listened to. A mediator always remains impartial and tries to work with all parties to find the best solution where everyone “wins.” The outcome of mediation is an agreement that can be homologate by court and therefore it is equivalent to a courts judgment.

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Mediation of different types of family cases

When a married couple decides to divorce, there are a lot of arrangements to be made. This is often done through lawyers, but family mediation is a better alternative, in our opinion. The emphasis in family case mediation is on communication between the (former) partners, so that the divorce does not turn into a fighting divorce. A mediator prepares a divorce agreement that outlines all the details about the divorce.

When children are involved in the divorce, things get a lot more complex. As a family mediator, WALSHA helps you create a parenting arrangement where everyone feels comfortable. We put the interests and opinions of the children first, as they are the biggest victims of the divorce. We also support you with issues surrounding the financial picture, such as alimony.

Are you not reaching an agreement on who gets what after the divorce? A family mediator guides the discussions around the division of assets and records the decisions in an agreement.

When there is no, little or only negative contact between parent and child, a (licensed) mediator brings the parties together. The mediator initiates a calm conversation in which parent and child share their feelings with each other. The goal of mediation is to get the family members to talk to each other again in a respectful way to reach a lasting solution that works for all parties.

Most family disputes arise when receiving an inheritance. Siblings disagree about who gets what and what happens to the parent(s)’ property. Continuing to argue about inheritance solves nothing. Mediation in family cases, on the other hand, does resolve inheritance issues. WALSHA brings all parties together to listen to each other’s needs and desires and communicate with each other in a respectful manner. In this way, together you reach an agreement that is acceptable to all.

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Importance of the child in family conflicts

If children are directly or indirectly involved in the conflict, we always put their interests first. At WALSHA, we always consider the needs and desires of the child or children. These form the basis for mediation in family cases.

Our strength: complex conflict counseling

At WALSHA, we specialize in the mediation of complex family cases where the parties involved cannot reach an agreement on their own. Are you dealing with a long-term family dispute or feud, parent or child repudiation, fighting divorce…? As a licensed mediator, WALSHA helps you resolve the conflict, no matter how complicated the situation may be.

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The process of mediation in family cases

After you contact us, you will receive an invitation for an appointment within 48 hours. So at WALSHA, you don’t have to spend years on a waiting list. Your problems are important, which is why we always help you as quickly as possible.

During an initial (individual or group) consultation, we listen to your situation. You get a chance to tell your full story, just like everyone else in the case of a group discussion. You will discover what WALSHA can do for you. We will discuss your expectations and make a proposal for family mediation.

Family case mediation always consists of a number of sessions where all issues are discussed and everyone can express their frustrations, feelings and desires. Together you will work toward a solution that everyone is comfortable with. How many sessions are needed for this depends entirely on the situation.

When you have come to an agreement together, we record it in an agreement. If you wish, you can have the agreement approved by a judge. The agreement is then equivalent to a judgment and takes effect immediately.

Would you like to have the agreement made modified, for example, if the children have gotten older and have different wishes about the parenting arrangement? Then you can re-engage with all parties through family mediation to modify the agreement.

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