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The second dimension is the environment in which burnout can easily occur. Often it is the work situation. A negative corporate culture et unpredictability, focused on repressive approach and so on that are hotbeds for people with burnout.

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Burnout is a condition in which you feel emotionally and physically exhausted and have little to no ability to perform. This causes a lot of misunderstanding among people who do not (yet) know or have experienced it.

Dealing with this lack of understanding is also part of the guidance.

Burnout is also seen as a condition of the person. This is just one aspect. This can be worked on in the guidance.

The second dimension is the environment in which burnout can easily occur. Often it is the work situation. A negative corporate culture and unpredictability, focused on repressive approach and so on that are hotbeds for people with burnout.

Read more about burnout on our diagnosis page.

Often you don’t expect this diagnosis and thought you were immune to it. Acceptance, therefore, is the first thing looked at in counseling. Psychoeducation and exploration of you as a person give you insights into the factors contributing to your burnout. Reassurance also works to bring the (work) situation under the microscope. The contributing factors are always equally here to be found and named.

The first stage is to install mental rest. This comes from working on acceptance in counseling and learning to see the situation as an opportunity for change. Burnout is often a milestone in your life to clearly change your approach. Mental peace is to stop worrying, to get rid of all stress and especially your stress-inducing obligations. Easiest way to do this is by comparing it to a vacation facade. Nothing must, everything can. So mental rest sometimes means physical rest (sleeping, doing nothing) but equally physical and intellectual efforts can bring mental rest. They should be efforts that you “enjoy” yourself. Example jogging but without any competition, converting your garden project but without time pressure. It is a first step toward knowledge of your own needs.

We are often encouraged in life to do more of what we do well. These are not necessarily the things we like to do.

An exploration of our own needs and giving them sufficient place in the new life is essential to treat and prevent burnout.

We systematically introduce new behaviors that you will first apply in your personal life.

Your personality traits that contribute we look at critically. Above all, doing your best and putting others before yourself is one of the great pitfalls. Thus, you do not set boundaries for yourself and you lose control over your own interpretation of time. Counseling is an integration of different forms of therapy, adapted to your person.

In the third phase, we prepare you for your return to work. This means translating what we applied in your personal life in the middle stages into what that change means in your work environment.

Practically, we always suggest a meeting with your employer well in advance of your return to work. We give you tools to explore with your employer what you wish to change and in what proportion your employer can accommodate it. Say this is a healthy first step in learning to stand up for yourself. If desired, we as facilitators can take an active role in this.

Not infrequently, the recovery process from burnout is an awakening that leads to a different line of work as well as a different employer.

In the workplace… Occupational problems are addressed with the greatest effectiveness in the workplace itself. For this, we move (as far as possible) to your workplace to work with real-life situations through a direct approach. These are identified, patterns are uncovered, communication skills are honed, and then very targeted work can be done to change behavior. Management, supervisors and close colleagues can be involved with your permission, so that your process can be supported as broadly as possible and your workplace no longer forms an obstacle, e.g. by adapting movement possibilities, variation in tasks and support in time management, planning, organization and administration.

As indicated, burnout is a problem with contributing factors from the employee himself but equally from the organization. Not infrequently, there are multiple employees in the organization with burnout.

For those organizations that wish to take a critical look at themselves and implement changes that will reduce burnout, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs, we are happy to conduct an organizational assessment to identify the risk factors for burnout and appropriate actions to address them.

Burnout symptoms have a direct and profound impact on the family. A counseling program is complete only when working with the entire family. With regard to insights into negative family dynamics, understanding personal frustrations, division of attention and so on, new interactions are discussed and implemented. This is how the family will function most optimally.

How does burnout affect your relationship? Should you just accept it or should you also do something with it? What to do and what better not to do? Know that your partner, too, is probably left with many unanswered questions. Psychoeducation is appropriate here, together or separately. Then we will work with you to create the desired change in the way the ASD gains visibility in your daily lives.

Where appropriate, we work with group sessions, which include exchanges of experience, recognition and new ideas.

Medication is primarily aimed at symptom relief. Burnout and depression often go together. However, medication alone is not enough. It is only one part of a much broader and sustained care pathway. In many cases, medication-assisted interventions are indicated to promote adherence and thus treatment effectiveness.

Medications can also have unwanted effects. Only a specialized physician can decide on dosage and further monitoring. When using medications, risk assessment regarding substance abuse and inappropriate use is always recommended.