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Labor conflict mediation leads to lasting solutions and renewed cooperation.

Why mediation makes a difference?
When things go wrong it often happens that people put the blame outside themselves.
Independent mediators focus on the process that leads to solutions that the parties themselves bring in order to strengthen cooperation with renewed future agreements. Communication is embedded and fostered between the conflicting parties.
Mediation does not focus on culpability, but on sustainable cooperation. Moreover, the parties themselves determine which solutions are appropriate for them.
From these new understandings, the organization can learn how and which understandings can be transformed into formal and preventive measures to create a conflict-resolving organizational culture.

Mediation can also be applied preventively between groups/parties that voluntarily choose to optimize their mode of cooperation in the long term.

How do labor disputes start and what do they cost?
Causes of conflict in the workplace often include:

  • miscommunication between two or more people,
  • a breakdown in labor relations,
  • problems arising from poor(er) performance evaluations.

This negatively affects group dynamics in the workplace which often leads to bullying, personal attacks and reduced productivity and motivation.
Ineffectiveness imposes significant costs on the employer.

What really matters
Mediators occupy an important place in conflicts to guide them in a positive and constructive manner. Studies report that through mediation >80% of conflicts in organizations are resolved with parties satisfied, thus maintaining the working relationship after the conflict, maintaining and often even improving cooperation.

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Walter Engelen and Natasha De Vinster