Naar wat ben je naar op zoek?

Through media we regularly hear about sexually transgressive behavior in organizations. They occur at all levels of the organization. Power differences are often a contributing factor.

These are precarious situations that people prefer to resolve in confidentiality.

Mediation by the professional licensed mediator is an even somewhat lesser-known way to use as a solution. This professional input is as strong as a lawyer or judge.

It also has the strength that the mediation process takes place in confidentiality. Even after agreement, the parties can keep the agreement as confidential provided that both agree to do so.

Is an agreement reached through mediation legally valid? Yes. The agreement made with a licensed social mediator is legally valid. More so. When the parties have the agreement homologated, it has the same force and validity as a judgment pronounced by the court.

As an organization, do you want to go a step further and implement a preventive policy? Then these regrettable incidents are a correct opportunity to integrate the necessary measures into your organization. It thereby increases your sustainability of your organization.

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Walter Engelen and Natasha De Vinster