Naar wat ben je naar op zoek?

A relationship counseling session is often initiated only when problems arise. When the couple finds themselves in crisis, outside help is sought.
Couples have already tried a number of things themselves to solve the problems, however, without significant results.
It should be noted that one of the common actions is for couples to try to “put up with” each other. Frustration is expressed but the couple fails to change behavior. The problem presents itself again and again and the same interaction pattern repeats itself.
It is important to get the couple to change behavior so that the interaction pattern leads to constructive change.

The above often constitutes the first form of guidance. Introduce new patterns of interaction in a way that the couple proposes and decides on the new patterns of interaction themselves.

There is often talk of deepening the relationship and connection. However, few couples are actively working on this.
The question that arises:

  • To what extent do I know my partner?
  • To what extent do I inspire my partner?
  • To what extent are we a close couple?
  • To what extent do I support my partner from a sense of connection?

They are by no means about a soft approach to describing love. Rather, by strengthening and shaping connection, to develop an inner relationship script through which mutual support and understanding sprout from a personal inner motivation. This contributes to a solid ever-evolving couple identity.

Hypnosis as a means to explore connectedness

Our experience with the application of hypnosis is that it is a valuable addition in individual counseling of adults.
This inspired us to ask the question of how hypnosis can be applied to couples and what increase in value we should expect for the couple.

When connectedness is brought up as a topic of conversation, there is often a practical response. Examples are listed of what all are doing together. How well do you know your partner? The answer to this question is often quite limited.

We apply hypnosis in a scientifically sound manner. Walter and Natasha are members of the Flemish Scientific Hypnosis Society.
Couples who are willing to explore their relationship in this way – pre-emptively – significantly increase their relationship quality. It contributes to lasting mutual understanding and inspiration. It opens doors to next steps in your relationship identity.

The approach is as follows. In an initial session, we will answer all your questions regarding hypnosis. A realistic look at this natural phenomenon. What to expect and what not to expect. Then we do an initial hypnosis exercise with you as a couple.
To do this, we let you make physical contact with each other and then briefly explore yourself through hypnosis. After this exercise, tell each other what your individual experience was. Walter and Natasha guide you therapeutically with correct interpretations and meaning.

When you as a couple have found this experience to be a positive one, we will make a second session.
This session specifically uses hypnosis to work on deepening and connecting with regard to a specific theme. The more often a couple participates in hypnosis exercises the deeper and more effective they will be experienced.

The shared experiences provide insight into each other’s desires, vulnerabilities, dreams and desires in an understanding way. These can be systematically integrated into your relationship for both of you. The relationship quality increases significantly.

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Walter Engelen and Natasha De Vinster