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Bijzondere Overeenkomsten

Special contracts for the mediator

This book is aimed at the mediator. Deepening your knowledge of contract law

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ISBN: 978-94-6417-543-1
Chapters: 17
Pages: 296
Compiled by: Walter Engelen, Natasha De Vinster

Finish: glued non-tearable

Price: 75€ (excluding shipping)

Fam Vermogensrecht 1


The text has been kept up-to-date until August 1, 2018 and incorporates the legislative changes published in the Belgian Official Gazette until then. The 2017 Inheritance Act and the 2018 Matrimonial Property Act, among others, have been incorporated in full.

This second edition of this indispensable reference work offers readers a general yet detailed overview of the at times highly technical rules of broad family property law – relationship property law, inheritance law and gifts.

AUTHOR(S): Renate Barbaix

book | 2nd edition
November 2018 | 1026 pages.
Available only to mediation training participants and alumni
Price: 69€ (excluding shipping)