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Find You Perfect Match: De Ultieme Gids voor WALSHA Matchmaking

Welcome to WALSHA, the destination for finding love and discovering your ideal life partner. Our WALSHA matchmaking service is designed to help you find that special someone with whom to share an unforgettable journey. Discover how we create perfect matches and enable love stories that last a lifetime.

At WALSHA, we strive to make the road to love simple and enjoyable. Sign up today and discover the excitement of finding your perfect match. The love of your life is created by you!

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  • based on integrity and confidentiality
  • based on your previous relationship experiences
  • comprehensive and in-depth screening
  • scientifically based psychological research
  • teaching basic relationship skills after first positive match
  • specific mentoring program for you and your new partner
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Why Choose Walsha Matchmaking?

In today’s hectic world, finding the perfect life partner often equates to a challenging search. But at WALSHA, we understand better than anyone else that your precious time should not be wasted. That’s why we offer an advanced matchmaking service based on years of experience and expertise to help you find that special person who matches your unique personality, interests and values.

It is essential to break the myth of the ideal life partner as a perfect match. At WALSHA, we strongly believe that the perfect match is not something predetermined, but something you and your partner create together. A lasting relationship is not found, but created!

With our thoughtful approach, we strive not only to find superficial commonalities, but to achieve deep compatibility based on what really matters. Whether it’s shared values, common interests or complementary personalities, we go beyond the superficial to help you find that special connection that makes a relationship truly flourish.

So, if you are ready to take the next step in your search for love and happiness, let WALSHA guide you on this journey. Save time, energy and frustration, and let us help you find that unique relationship that will enrich your life in ways you could never have imagined for yourself. Discover the power of true matchmaking with WALSHA today.

Walsha Relatie Opera 250

Hoe Werkt Onze Matchmaking?

Onze matchmaking gaat verder dan oppervlakkige overeenkomsten. We analyseren diepgravend jouw profiel en voorkeuren, waarbij we gebruikmaken van intelligente en op ervaring gebaseerde matchingcriteria. Of je nu op zoek bent naar een avontuurlijke reisgenoot, een soulmate of een levenslange metgezel, onze werkwijze zorgt ervoor dat je alleen in contact komt met mensen die écht bij je passen.

Veiligheid en Privacy

Je veiligheid en privacy staan bij ons voorop. Onze geavanceerde beveiligingsmaatregelen zorgen ervoor dat je met een gerust hart kunt zoeken naar liefde zonder je zorgen te maken over je persoonlijke gegevens.

WALSHA matching process


You can register without obligation at

Walsha invites your for a motivational interview. Here we will discuss together your motivation for participating in the matching process.
Here WALSHA will provide you with all the information on how the matching will go with all the accompanying practical and substantive information.

After this, you are free to decide if you wish to participate in the WALSHA matching program. When you decide to do so, we formalize this in a transparent agreement where it is clear what can be expected. Good agreements make good friends!

Congratulations! You have decided to begin the matching process at WALSHA.

In doing so, we will get to know you and your personal needs. This is done using a structured interview.
In this informative session we note a multitude of practical data, desires and preferences to locate your unique life partner,

In profile measurement, we do scientifically based personality assessment, supplemented by questionnaires that give us a complete picture regarding traits and skills that are important for a relationship.

This information along with the intake information is kept in the WALSHA database and herewith WALSHA can initiate the matching process.

The test results of all previous steps are reviewed with you. In this way, we ensure that you recognize yourself in the test results. This is how we obtain an accurate picture for your perfect match.

This will give you a picture of your profile and initial insights.

This is where the active part of the WALSHA matching process begins.

In a limited group of possible and carefully selected partners, you will get to know each other.

It is a form of speed dating guided by Walter and Natasha.

In this way, we integrate expertise and personal preferences. When a first match occurs here then you are ready for the next step.

This is your first date.

Before introducing you to each other on this first date, we make sure that the basic concepts in communication are taught. This is done in limited group with 1,2 or 3 matching pairs. This is how we ensure an optimal learning effect.

Next, your first dating will take place. WALSHA ensures that your first date will be a special introduction. DON’T think of a cozy dinner with your new match (that comes later :-)) but a joint activity where you really get to know each other.

An evaluation follows this first date. In this you will both be heard individually and together.

A second date follows. Even if the first meeting raises some questions! By the way, a solid relationship is also learning to look at yourself 🙂

Before you get to know each other further on this second date, we make sure that the basic concepts in communication are taught. This is done specifically for you as a couple. Walsha gives you tools regarding your personal challenges in your communication. This is how we ensure an optimal learning effect.

Then your second dating takes place in the same unique way as the first, albeit, of course, with a different activity.

After this second date, another evaluation follows. In this you will both be heard individually and together.

WALSHA’s strength is that we guide the first steps in your new relationship.

We sit down with you and review the pleasant and surprising experiences you had.

From here, you choose the next step!

In case of STOP then WALSHA will schedule you for the next matching. In case you wish to take further steps in your relationship, we will start with the first mandatory counseling topics.

Congratulations! You experienced a positive date and feel it tastes like (much) more…..

Walsha guides you further in your lasting relationship where both your needs are adequately addressed.
This specific guidance is completely tailored to your unique characteristics as a couple.

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