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General information and location

Specifics of victim-offender mediation is the first introduction to this particular form of mediation.

Start 9:00 – End 13:00

Class dates:

Saturday, September 23, 2023 – Online

Online – via Teams

This module is one part of the victim-offender mediation course. Originally intended as a specialization, we now offer it in continuing education for the licensed mediator. The modules can be attended separately.

Specifics of victim-offender mediation – online – (4 hours)

    • What emphases are there in practice versus the ideal mediation process
    • Role of the mediator
    • Actors at to victim-offender mediation
    • Public ministries
    • Collection options
    • Sociological aspects

Cost of Training: 276€ (VAT incl.)

For the self-employed and companies, this training is eligible for subsidies from the Flemish Government.*

*Prepayment in advance of 47.9 Euros
Eligible for SME: 228.1 Euros
Of which self-pay: 159.7 Euros
Belgian government subsidizes: 68.4 Euro

Own contribution is thus: 207.6 Euro

Specific aspects of victim-offender mediation

This in-depth module is accredited to the Federal Mediation Commission for 4 points.

This course is eligible for SME.

Specific aspects of victim-offender mediation

Effectiveness of learning is determined by:

Specific aspects of victim-offender mediation

Driven by a curiosity for science-based knowledge in practice

    • Education: Engineering, Psychology
    • International career in automotive and high tech (> 30years)
    • Entrepreneur founding Walsha BV and Falconcare BV (since 2010)
      People Interaction, Center Psychodiagnostics, Game Changer Laboratory, Dispute Resolution, Together in Mediation, Synerga.
    • Conflict counseling as a certified mediator, negotiator for organizations
    • Conflict Counseling as a Certified Mediator in Family Matters
    • Court expert
    • Board member Flemish Scientific Hypnosis Society
    • Founder of WALSHA where all mentioned activities are integrated into our center of expertise

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